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Effortless lifestyle!

Upgrading a lifestyle is no more a status symbol but has now become a necessity. With the finest inventions like dishwasher, the washing machine, and microwave oven, machines have overpowered the human brain with the simple technology they acquire. Automatic home appliances have made the lives of a man as simple as ABC. We are well aware of seven deadly sins in human’s life, sloth being the most lethal of them all. A human body tends to get impressed where it doesn’t have to go through such efforts, and the scientists and influencers are very much aware of the fact. This becomes a significant dialectic behind all the inventions circling human life and trying to make his efforts lesser.

Another major factor influencing the production of home appliances is the time and speed. None of us is unaware of the fact, and we go through a very hectic life. Time management becomes the key if you wish to make your path through what you aim. It grows out of sight when you have to perform a household task which is consuming hours and more. If you do not run with the speed the world is trying to chase its dream with, you can never make it through. These appliances make your lives more straightforward, and faster.


We have been seeing the trend of changing fast for decades now. Cars have replaced horses, guns have replaced swords and blades, lighters have replaced match stick, and e-mails have replaced handwritten letters. This is the trend we all have been following since ages and will be followed by generations after that. The advanced technology has a capability of turning a freezer into a fridge, television into a computer and a minivan into a mobile restaurant. We now belong to a world where even a below poverty line person carries a smartphone and has a television in his home. This is the lifestyle every person, no matter where he belongs from have adopted.

It scares my thoughts of what would I be doing; how will I survive without any of these things. Life without oven or stove, iron or rod, washing machine or dishwasher sounds miserable. This ‘use to’ behavior of everyone has turned the home appliance industry into a billion-dollar industry. Investing in it never seems a bad idea. Such investments made ways for inventions like Alexa in the modern world. Switching off lights and fans or other appliances, voice recognition and playing your favorite tracks, news, reports and more has no more a matter of making any shot.

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